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Deception Pass


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Deception Pass

Erik Engstrom

"Let the wild rumpus start!"
--Maurice Sendak

It's amazing what traveling and nature can do to you. I knew going to the Pacific Northwest would be amazing for Tommy and me, but never would have imaged how incredibly life-changing the trip would be. 

As I reflect on my time out West, I linger on the memories and people I met. I am beyond grateful for an amazing trip.

Some quick take aways:

  1. embrace people - community is so crucial. Being surrounded by amazing loving people will only grow you as a person. And learning to be vulnerable with those people reveals true friendship.
  2. get into the wild - I love the city, but there is nothing quite like experiencing nature. This trip encouraged me to make time to go out into nature and find peace in one of the few things that has never changed. 

Our first day on our own led us to Deception Pass, a body of water that connects the Skagit Bay with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The awe-inspiring bridge and surroundings kept Tommy and me in occupied for a good 2 hours. We were amazed by the size, beauty and power that the bridge and area had.

Tommy and I are so excited to continue sharing more from our nine days in the Pacific Northwest - be on the look out for new posts!


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