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Wandering Duluth.


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Wandering Duluth.

Erik Engstrom

This weekend I was lucky enough to venture up to Duluth, Minnesota to volunteer for a conference with some friends. Every time I go on a trip, I try to make some time to wander about the city, looking for a few amazing photo opportunities.

Canal Park was my favorite part of the city. I could walk up and down that strip for days. Browsing through the many stores, such as Duluth Pack or Fizzy Waters, we shockingly were not short on things to fill our time. Have you ever heard the stereotype Minnesota nice? Well, it's true. Simply walking up and down the streets, people would start full-blown conversations with us. 

Putting Canal Park aside, here were 2 of my favorite things:

1. The food scene.

Food. Food. Food. Food! I really love food. Finding places like Burrito Union or Pizza Luce is exactly what I was hoping for. Pizza Luce has a colorful, fun interior design and pizza that truly holds its own. Coming from a hardcore pizza lover...I have to say I was impressed!

2. Nature.

After eating at Burrito Union, my friends and I wanted to explore a little more. But we were looking for something a little more nature-centric. Within seconds we found a waterfall and walked around the area for at least 45 minutes. Snapping a few photographs in #myvans, my friends by my side, I was content.

Duluth, you were the perfect dose of escape that I was looking for this past weekend. I even got some love from @CaptureMinnesota on my personal Instagram account for regraming my picture - feeling the love!


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