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chicago, il
united states

Back to Chicago.


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Back to Chicago.

Erik Engstrom

It feels amazing to be back in Chicago.

It's great to be around family and see old friends and old co-workers. As strange as it may sound, the smell of my childhood home is much welcomed after a long absence. Home cooked meals by my mom. Wandering the streets of downtown with Tommy. Yup, it's good to be back.

You've heard me rave about Heritage General Store, so obviously I had to stop by for a cup of chai while visiting Tommy in the city. And without much surprise, I fell in love all over again with the aesthetics of the shop. There are reasons why this place is my favorite coffee shop. The interior is one obvious reason. Just outside they've staged an outdoor seating area, complete with a Heritage van, fire pit and chairs to sit back and relax. 

As we sat by the fire, there was obviously a difference between the Minnesota boy (me) and the Chicago boy (Tommy). If you aren't already aware, Minnesota can have snow all the way until May. This weekend, the 37 degree weather in downtown Chicago felt like springtime! So while Tommy bundled in layers and tried to act like he wasn't cold, I was dressed like it was spring. A Levi's trucker jacket, a pair of worn jeans, my Red Wing boots, and a light sweatshirt. I didn't need much more than that. 


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