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I'm Still a Kid.


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I'm Still a Kid.

Erik Engstrom

Would you believe me if I told you I'm a kid at heart?

When you first meet me I tend to be pretty serious - I'm conscious of my behavior and attitude. But when you really get to know me, I'm a loose cannon, bouncing off the wall. Cracking jokes, some inappropriate ones, oops... I just can't help myself. I'm acting like an animal. Now here's my scandal. 

I'm a kid.

Being an adult is stressful. There is so much to do. So many tasks. Taxes. Bills. Boring work conversations. But that is a part of life. If you run away from it, you're just avoiding the beauty of growth and life. That's why I try take advantage of the times I am able to act like a kid. 

So what makes me a kid at heart? Like I said above, I have a wild energetic personality that thrives around humor, poking fun at people (in a kind of loving way of course), and playgrounds. Honestly, if there are kids around, I'd much rather play with them than hang around the adults. I'm basically Tom Hanks in Big. Sometimes I feel like my style mirrors that of a child as well. I love bright colors and blinging out my clothing with patches and little statements that represent who I am. Like a carabiner hanging from my backpack or a Best Made patch on my jean jacket. Oh, and I love rocking the white Converse. It's like the first day of school and my mom bought me new fresh kicks for the school year. I'm freaking adorable. 


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