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chicago, il
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Sanborn Canoe Company.


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Sanborn Canoe Company.

Erik Engstrom

What makes a good Saturday?

For different people, the response to that question can be vastly different. But for me, making a spontaneous trip to a small town and to visit the Sanborn Canoe Company makes for a day well spent.

After 30 minutes of driving around the town, I still had not found my final destination. I did, however, find an awesome waterfall. So I jumped out the car, ran around on the rocks, had a little fun, and then continued on my way to find Sanborn.

Sanborn Canoe Company is devoted to giving explorers', wanderers as I like to say, their equipment and goods for their adventures. What started as a summer project between friends (building a canoe for trips up to the Boundary Waters) has rapidly transformed into a full-fledged business that focuses on crafting aesthetically pleasing and extremely high quality canoe paddles. 

SCC is known for crafting two kinds of paddles that reach two completely different crowds of people. The first is the performance paddle. These paddles are all about giving you your money's worth. Simply put, the lightweight and durable paddles are going to get the job done and get you from point a to point b while canoeing. The second is the artisan painted series. It is this type of paddle that I fell in love. Similar to my lust for Best Made axes, these paddles provide great quality while looking super sexy. As someone at the shop said, "The target audience for the artisan series paddles is 20-30 year olds looking for decor in their house."

Luke, the main craftsman at the shop, truly is a master of his craft. "Being handmade makes everything unique." I am blown away by SCC's commitment to providing their customers with the very best.

This American Swedes are all about Sanborn Canoe Company. 


P.S. Shout out to Jennie from J-Mae-Films for taking these photographs! Jennie specializes in videography and was so kind to lend her hands in photography. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding definitely check her out on Vimeo! Click here to see what she is all about.

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