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chicago, il
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Packing Party - A Week in NYC.


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Packing Party - A Week in NYC.

Tommy Engstrom

One belongs to New York instantly,
one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. 

--Tom Wolfe

New York for one week. Chicago for two. Back to New York for eight days. Let me tell you, it is a rough life that I live. In just a few days I will be flying back to New York City for a full eight days. A little bit of business. A little bit of pleasure. A whole lot of falling in love with New York City all over again and making my friends back here in Chicago nervous that I will never come back home. Like that would ever happen...

I realize that it is only Wednesday, but that being said, every night this week has been packed with some coffee date or plans with friends. So last night I forced my friend to come over, drink a little wine, and sit and keep me company while I packed. There may have been a little dancing like Beyoncé, no big deal.

No matter where I am going, or how long I am going to be gone, there are always a few must-haves that I cannot leave without.

  1. Tide to Go - let's be honest, with all the eating that I am going to be done, I will more than likely spill some tomato sauce or ketchup on myself...
  2. Some light reading - Bon Appétit for the win!
  3. Headphones - no way am I listening to your baby cry on my 6:35am flight Saturday morning. Uh uh...not happening!
  4. Midnight Eye Recovery - let's face it, I will be staying up way too late enjoying cocktails and libations with friends. I still gotta look fresh in the morning, though!
  5. Notebook & Pen - New York City has always been one of my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation. There have been times that I was walking down the street, became inspired by something I saw, and had to run into the nearest coffee shop and begin writing.