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Road Trip - Part 2


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Road Trip - Part 2

Erik Engstrom

Let's turn the music up and keep the road trip going!

When traveling to a new city, state, heck, even a new country, you have to be sure to keep your eyes open for a coffee shop. No, I don't drink coffee. That being said, I am absolutely drawn to aesthetics and environments that you can typically find at small local shops. I begin recognizing an internal struggle when I walk into a coffee shop...did I miss my life calling? Am I really supposed to be an interior designer?! Who knows, maybe I will take note of some inspirations and apply it to my future home. 

Bryce and I made a few stops throughout our trip - we went to Dunn Bro's and Bull Run Coffee. Both places were awesome, in the aesthetically pleasing sense. Dunn Bro's took an old country farmhouse and transformed it into one of the most unique coffee shops I've seen. With marble tables, stained glass windows, 2 levels, record players, and a large selection of wine and beer, this place fits the bill. 

Let's talk about beverages. I am a chai tea fan. I am a picky chai tea fan. Unfortunately I was not blown away by either of the drinks I ordered. I've had better. When you put this much time and effort looking for small local shops, you have to expect that you'll have some great drinks. And some less than pleasant ones. Nonetheless, there's nothing quite like sitting down with a friend, relaxing, enjoying conversation, and taking in the unique surroundings. 

What about you? What has been your favorite coffee shop that you've stumbled upon?