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Okay Seasons, You Can Change Now.


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Okay Seasons, You Can Change Now.

Erik Engstrom

Five-hundred twenty-five-thousand six-hundred minutes. Five-hundred twenty-five-thousand six-hundred moments so dear. And like that seasons change. It's those change of seasons you gotta love.

Winter snow, you have blessed us with your beauty this year (at least here in Minnesota). You've blanketed us in robes of white. And I am even weirdly thankful for the cold. Not because I like the feeling on my skin freezing when I walk outside. But because it is an excuse to buy a few more items from Patagonia or even a new pair of Red Wing boots. With all of these new goodies, I am ready to get out of my campus town and explore and find adventure. 

I adventure way too much. At least I try to adventure too much. (#wishfulthinking #cantholdmedown #patagoniapleasepaymetoexplore) This winter I've been so grateful for a few things in particular: 

1. Wool socks
2. Choppers
3. Patagonia
4. Red Wing
5. Blankets and cuddles ;)

As the snow melts, it's time to look forward to the next season. Spring, I cannot wait to greet you with open arms! I'm ready to run in the rain, sit by campfires, and wear lots and lots of bright colors. Alas, winter is still here for a while longer. But spring, know that your pals Erik & Tommy are ready for you.


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