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What's the Occasion?


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What's the Occasion?

Erik Engstrom

What do you dress up for? Sunday church, office job downtown, a date? There always seems to be a stigma around putting on a dress shirt and a tie - that you only do so for a special occasion. I hate that. 

It could be Sunday, Monday, Thursday, or even a Friday morning trip to the grocery store - I love wearing slacks, a button down, and a tie. One of my biggest pet peeves? When people ask me, "what's the occasion?" Is today not a good enough reason? I'm not going on a date, I don't have a special business meeting - I'm just me. Can't you just let me do me?

Since I was in middle school a tie has always been a part of my wardrobe. I remember watching videos online, teaching myself how to tie my first tie. A double Windsor. I got into high school and taught myself multiple ways of tying a tie, and then added bow ties. My current favorite knot is the Oriental (simple) Knot. The knot is so simple, casual yet classy for any occasion. 

The Tie Bar is my go to shop for ties, and has been since high school. With hundreds of options, Tie Bar simply can't be beat by other competitors. I recently picked up this ruby knit tie and love how casually it fits into any outfit. 

Today, I'm ready to conquer anything. 


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