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chicago, il
united states



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Erik Engstrom

I didn't really read the books I was assigned in high school. Catcher in the Rye. The Great Gatsby. I've read them now, but I just hated reading for assignments. There was one that I read. The Outsiders. The story captivated my mind. The plot engaged me. I think it was the rebellious spirits that gave me a sense of adventure. Or I just loved the greaser aesthetics of the 1950s. 

The slicked back hair and leather jackets were some of the best things to happen in fashion. The greaser attitude and style is something I try to bring into my wardrobe with modern twists. 

Uniqlo has these amazing jeans that I'm in love with. They are the stretchiest pants I own. I lost my mind seeing all of the color options. I chose these ruby colored ones to add a little more color to my closet. Greasers usually rock jeans, white, and black. What does the modern greaser wear? Red pants, that's what.


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