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chicago, il
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Føund Music


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Føund Music

Erik Engstrom

Last time I was home I was exploring through some old junk that I had kept hidden away in my closet. Don't we all have a closet that is full of useless crap we'll never look at again except for once in a blue moon? As I dug through these things, I found my old photography portfolio, yearbooks, old high top sneakers I thought were once cool, and lastly I found books that kept what I considered my sacred writing. Short stories, song lyrics, and pages upon pages of poetry. Do I remember the joy and freedom writing once brought to my life? The freedom of expression. Setting free every teenage drama queen's thoughts. That's exaggeration, but in all honestly, rereading some of my old poems created a passion in me to write again. I miss the nights I spent staying up late except for me, myself, and pen + paper. 

Since I've returned to Winona I have promised myself to write more - express my thoughts out on paper. Thoughts of wisdom. Thoughts of emotion. Thoughts of love. Whatever is being held in my head needs to be set free and allowed to see the light of day. Poetry was once my true love. I am such a Dead Poets Society dork. "Language was developed for one endeavor... to woo women!" John Keating. So I will write on.

Previous literature, poets, and music are all inspiration that helps set my mind in a creative flow. Hearing and reading words that came before me. The passions that comes through every syllable, it's exactly what I want my writing to do. Here are the songs I'm having on repeat to help my creative mojo.


song | artist | album

Fool 4 U | Mr Little Jeans | Fool 4 U - Single

Losing You | Aquilo | Painting Pictures of a War

Crossfire | Stephen | Crossfire - Single

Forest Fires | Axel Flóvent | Forest Fires EP

Slip | Elliot Moss | Highspeeds

Dancing on Glass | St. Lucia | Matter

As Long As You Love Me | Sleeping At Last | As Long As You Love Me - EP

Hymn for the Weekend | Coldplay | A Head Full of Dreams

I Know You | Skylar Grey | Fifty Shades of Grey

Once | Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova | Once