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chicago, il
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Lake Lodge.


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Lake Lodge.

Erik Engstrom

"Screw you Mother Nature! I'm not going to let this weather get the best of me!"

I'm done! It is freaking FREEZING outside! There, I said it! I just can't take it anymore. These Minnesota temperatures are getting the worst of me and there is nothing I want more than to stay in my bed with my Pendleton blanket keeping me warm. I'm comfy and cozy there, right where I belong! But alas, that isn't quite reality

So instead of dreaming of the unlikely, I will run (yes, outside...), take a hot shower (for at least a half hour), run to my closet and quickly, and I mean quickly, throw on jeans and a sweater to keep me warm. That may be one good things about winter. Layers and sweaters. When Tommy and I discovered the lambswool sweaters from Gap, we knew they were instant winter classics - for days when staying in the lake lodge sounds better than actually skating - I'll take some cabin fever any day. And for the days I boldly take on the cold to ski or snowshoe, I'll gladly come by the fire après ski

Okay, so maybe I'll take the winter for AT LEAST a few more weeks. Just so I can show off my sweet sweater game

But if the snow chooses to stay until May again...I may just move ;) 


We'll see.  


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