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chicago, il
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Erik Engstrom

How do I unwind?
Travel and climbs. 

This weekend a group of guys and I were planning to venture to the North Shore, up by Lake Superior. The climbing would have been intense - I would have been climbing up cliffs that hang over the majestic lake. However, Mother Nature was not on our side. Forecast showed storms the entire weekend. So we didn't go.

But that didn't stop us from traveling. We packed up our equipment, some water, and a camera and took off to Red Wing, Minnesota. 

Red Wing is a town you must go to if you're in or driving through Minnesota. The history, the scenery, the small town shops and restaurants. 

Places to be sure to check out:
1. Red Wing Brewery. Their beer is eh, but their pizza is perf. 
2. Red Wing Boots. I'm obsessed. 
3. Pottery Museum. DIY fellas. 
4. Barn Bluff. If you want to climb, hike, or whatever - it's there for you. 

If you ever doubt Minnesota's beauty, Red Wing is one town that will change your opinion.


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