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chicago, il
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Like the Rain.

Erik Engstrom

"So give me the good times. Give me the bad. I want it
better than I've ever had."

Noah Gundersen

Thunderstorms. I almost wish we had one everyday - I love them that much. Last week we had a storm so nasty that my clothes got soaked within seconds.  When I walked onto campus it had looked like I just showered. There's a difference between expecting the rain and being caught off guard by it. When it's of my own accord, I'm all about playing in the rain. Getting wet and running around with friends. I let my inner-child come out and play.

I've been trying to appreciate the simple pleasures in life more.

Someone once told me that it is important to spend time alone each week. Whether you go on a walk around a lake, or a run through the woods, or go sit in your favorite coffee shop, this time alone allows you to think and become comfortable with who you are - your thoughts, your feelings. There is a coffee shop in Winona that I love going to (coffee excluded, I'm more of a chai tea kind of guy) and simply reflect on life. It reminds me of the weather - you never know what will come hit you. Perfect sunny days to go on a hike or thunderstorms that soak you to the core. Doing well on a test or a project. Or a friendship that just got broken. But like the wind and rain. It all passes.

And I'm learning to say, "Bring it on." 

I want all the weather. I want the sun; I want the rain; I want the rainbow after showers. Give me the good. Give me the bad. 


This is the first time I have ever worn sweatpants in public. I kind of dig the look if it is done well.

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