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Top Knot.

Erik Engstrom

"All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain."
Roy Batty - Blade Runner

I can't get past it.

I have the top knot. And I love it.

I have had long hair for a majority of my life. I remember being young and on vacation in Washington DC with my parents. While innocently enjoying chicken tenders at a restaurant, I was mistaken for a girl. What can I say? My flow was that impressive. My hair stayed rather long until I came to college and decided to chop it off. But now I find myself with a new dilemma - is there actually a little too much length on top? No, it's not truly a dilemma at all. I simply pull out a hair tie and start rocking that top knot all the time. 

But what really grinds my gears is that "Stop the Knot" video. I became legitimately furious watching it. Whether being relentlessly angry at those cruel humans who killed the poor lives of those knots, or having so much sympathy for those that lost their loved ones, I understand. I was somewhat pleased to find out the entire video was rigged. Somewhat. Still a little salty about it though.

But now, I'm worried for the well being of my own knot's life! 

Too many of my friends have joked about snipping off my knot. Not funny. 

But in reality, this hairstyle is just a fad. This knot is equivalent to the mullet. And I'm okay with that. It's fun and unique for our generation. And in 10-20 years when I look back, I'm sure that I'll probably shake my head. But you know what they say. YOLO, right!?


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