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Erik Engstrom

Slowly, gradually increasing, our hope returns and with it our energy
gently vibrates, our souls awakening once more. We see it in a
glimmer, we watch a smile unfurl. It is untouchable, immeasurable
and yet we sense it's omnipresence far and wide.




These concepts seem elementary enough. Haven't we done the simplest of these since we were young? Acknowledging that we are being held in the arms of another person. Processing this affection to protect, provide, and look over me. And finally understanding this love to be that of a parent. 

Seems easy enough, right? 

I've been wrestling with the idea of learning from my actions this past week. Do I initially think through my actions or do I rush into them without much thought?  I am excited about the future, yet I get so easily stuck in the present. I am learning a lot about our actions and the influence they have on people - whether we are intrinsically aware of our actions or finally meet them face-to-face during the consequences. Our actions happen. Good and bad.

I just watched the movie True Story with James Franco and Jonah Hill. (If you haven't seen this movie yet, go pick it up!) There is one quote that really stuck out from this movie. 

"Everybody deserves to have their story told."

At first glance, most would read this as an uplifting quote. Something that evokes hope and wanderlust. In the movie, Jonah's character is saying that every story has to be told, even the ones that we don't want to hear. An athlete. A politician. A mother. A child who was abused. The abuser. Everyone has a story. They all deserve to be told even if we disagree or are uncomfortable with the actions. 

I hope that I will always agree with that statement. I would love to be able to say, "I want to give everyone a second chance. I want to listen to the story that no one listens to." But in reality, I don't know. When it comes down to it, how willing are we to listen to the stories that challenge us - to the stories that are difficult, or sad, or horrifying?

Aren't we all looking for a story?

Action. Fiction. Nonfiction. Sci-fi. Mystery. Love. Mind-twister. A story of grace.

We're all searching and all hoping ours will be heard. 


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