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chicago, il
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Erik Engstrom

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful."
Margaret. J. Wheatley

The American Swede has been online for over a year now. 

Tommy just turned 28. Erik turns 23 in a matter of weeks. Time is rolling along without any hesitation. As we look back at this year we can say that it's been an amazing journey so far and we are so excited to see what the future holds for The American Swede.

We are so grateful to our readers - everyone out there on the interwebs who come back to this website to get your dose of the Swedish twins, of fashion, of music, of lifestyle. It has always been out intention to be as raw and authentic as we can with our readers. Of course it is always fun to read about the exciting things in life. Like Erik sharing his thoughts on finishing up college, sharing the newest styles from amazing companies like MBS MFG or Rivay NYC, or simply talking about our trip to Door County for an awesome beer festival. However, life isn't always roses and sunshine. We all have shit that we go through and we believe in getting messy with people sometimes. We all have things that we go through. While the situations may be different, the core of the issues are similar. Life is hard. We get it.

We dealt with some serious issues growing up. But our past doesn't define who we are. They shape the people we have become. Tommy continues to find peace by kicking butt doing SoulCycle. Erik finds rest in Word. People need to find their 'thing.' Art, writing, cooking blog, anything. Just don't be afraid to get dirty and fail a little. Failure makes us learn. We reflect back on the hard stuff (don't dread them), but breathe into them. Empower yourself forward. To be the best you. 

Always make goals for yourself. Write them down. Don't forget about them. Take steps necessary to accomplish them. And be sure to let yourself have a little fun along the way. We'll be right here with you!


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