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chicago, il
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Summer Grunge.

Tommy Engstrom

I am slightly hesitant to say what I am about to say... I'm sick of this heat. Can it be fall already? This summer has been so hit or miss, so up and down. One day it's boiling hot and sunny, the next is cool and cloudy. Then it's cool and raining. Has there been a single week of summer weather? Not that I can think of.

As much as I love going to the lake house or beach, walking around in nothing but a bathing suit isn't real life, especially when you work in an office. More often than I am going to work in a completely different outfit than I wear at work. The struggle is real.

On the weekends there is much more flexibility - I wear whatever the hell I want. Lately I've been really into a grungy 90s look. Think Kurt Cobain. Holey acid washed jeans. Wrinkle shirts and button downs thrown on as an after-thought. Oh, and bracelets. I like bracelets, lots of them. The key to this look is not really giving a fuck what people think. Walk around with confidence and no one will second guess you. Walk around looking like an awkward Kurt Cobain imitator and the look will never work.

Let's be honest for a second, I don't really emulate the grunge look and lifestyle. I don't live in 1980s Seattle and I rarely listening to grunge music. It's not the type of style that I gravitate towards. So throwing an anchored nautical tank under the button down is enough to bring things back to reality and make the look genuine. 

Now excuse me while I go listen to some Nirvana, Soundgarden or perhaps even some Stone Temple Pilots. No really, I am actually listening to it! Pinky Promise!


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