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Relatively Speaking...

Tommy Engstrom

Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter what the speed at which an observer travels.

Okay, so here is the honest-to-God truth: physics wasn’t my favorite subject in school and I cannot even imagine the intelligence that Einstein possessed. Really though, how did people like Einstein or Newton or DiVinci have the brains to comprehend and explains the rules of nature? When I fall to my ass while walking down the stairs, or lay on the driveway looking up as leaves fall down towards me, I don’t automatically question every force or experience that I have ever come in contact with. I just accept it for what it is. 

That being said, Albert Einstein’s ever simple (ha…yea, right) theory of relativity has been coming to the forefront of my thoughts lately. This passed weekend I was lucky enough to spend five days away from work. You heard correct – I had not a three, not a four, but a five-day weekend! You could have told me that I had to stay at home all weekend, drink coffee, eat gelato, and watch the fifth season of The Walking Dead and I would have said, “Okay, if you insist. Twist my arm.” Not to say that I didn’t partake in some of those activities, but I decided last Wednesday to make a conscious effort to take advantage of each day. 

So when my friends’ days were dragging on at work, my days were flying by as I woke up and made myself breakfast, got a workout in, took pictures and wrote in my journal, took walks around Chicago, and stopped at a store or two along the way. It has been hitting me recently how quickly my residency in Chicago has been flying by – it has been over a year and a half that I’ve lived in 60614. That’s almost double the time I spent in NYC. While I know that I have had so many incredible experiences since moving to the city, I am painfully aware of how much there is left to do. I want to go to Alinea. I want to go on a walk on the 606. What about my quest to find the best margarita in Chicago, will that ever happen!? And then I realize that all I can do is to take it one day at a time. I can only push myself to never saying no. 

So as my Thursday and Friday flew by, others felt the exact opposite. And yesterday, what felt like a Monday was actually a Tuesday and dragged on. Why does it all have to be so complicated? Instead, I leave you with one final thought:

I knew that in the silence that followed, that anything could happen here. It might be too late again. I might have missed my chance. But I would at least know I tried, that I took my heart and extended my hand, whatever the outcome.


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