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chicago, il
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Erik Engstrom

"Under my Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh"

It was supposed to rain today. And here I am, so excited with myself because I am prepared. And then Mother Natures goes and decides to pull a trick on me and be like, "Psych! Faked you out Erik!"

So, instead I do what any natural human being would do - use his umbrella for its original intent. To guard the sun. And let me tell you the looks I was getting from people! Classic. (If you have never done a photo shoot before, take my word for it, it can get awkward.) It's like no one has ever seen a man walk around with an umbrella...when there is no rain... Whatever, I'm over it. 

I just picked up these Warby Parker frames. I love them. Literally head over heals. The sea green crystal is a stand out factor for any outfit. When I first opened the box I knew it was love at first sight. These will be making many outfits that much better. 


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