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chicago, il
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Føund Music.

Erik Engstrom

When I'm out at the bars and my favorite song comes on, I think my friends and I are always {like}. But in reality I'm alone {like}. Yea...really though, that's how I am. Whatever, I like to dance. It's my thing. 

Let's step back for one hot second and realize that July is flying by. We were just celebrating Fourth of July like 4 weeks ago, 27 days ago. That's insane. It's hasn't even been that hot of a summer - talk about all kinds of weird. August starts this Saturday! I'm not ready for that.

I still want one last good trip before I head back to school. Tommy and I have been looking into the possibility of going back to New York City for a quick weekend getaway. The City is without a doubt one of our favorite cities. The food. The people. The cites. The atmosphere. The simple charm that NYC makes you think you can have things that are realistically out of your reach. If anyone wants to help us out with this adventure... Maybe we'll set up a GoFundMe account... I mean if this guy really made $535 to get drunk on his last night of college. And all he was wanting was $75! I'm sure someone would help get these American Swedish brothers to their favorite city.

Thinking of traveling makes me want to put together a killer playlist for the plane ride over. A trip - whether a road trip or plane ride - isn't complete without good music to jam out to. Here are some of my current favorites that would easily make the list: 

song | artist | album

T-shirt Weather | Circa Waves | Young Chasers

Silhouettes | Colony House | When I Was Younger

Cameo Lover | Kimbra | Vows

Welcome Home | Joy Williams | VENUS

Emmylou | First Aid Kit | The Lion's Roar

Tiger Striped Sky | Roo Panes | Little Giant 

Window to the Sky | Kim Churchill | Silence / Win 

Fire and the Flood | Vance Joy | Dream Your Life Away (Special Edition)

Painted | MS MR | How Does It Feel

Can We Just Be Adults | Sugar & the Hi Lows | High Roller