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Live A Little.

Erik Engstrom

"I like seeing people laugh who are normally serious."
Jimmy Fallon

I believe in hard work. I believe that work is good for people. But I also believe that we can drown in the American Dream mind frame, believing that bigger is better and find ourselves becoming workaholics. I'll be honest. I catch myself doing this a lot. I work multiple jobs and have two blogs that I work to keep up with. I find myself being so drawn into the concept of 'work satisfies.' It really doesn't. But it is a necessary part of life.   

What I'm learning now is simple:

Laugh a little. Live a lot. 

While I think work is mandatory. We, as a people, need to start giving thanks for the little things. Taking a step back from our normal hustle and bustle and looking at the world like a tourist, in awe of its beauty. Look at the American flag.  What can simply be passed by on a daily level is truly a beautiful sight. See what represents the foundation of our country. Lana Del Rey helps a little as well ;) 

My thought: let's act like tourist. Let's look at each day is if it is the first time we're seeing the world around us. Work like we own it. Live like it's the last day of our lives. Maybe that includes carrying around a Polaroid and snapping pics. Or buying a t-shirt from one of the most aesthetically beautiful coffee shops I have ever seen. Or looking at an old pair of Levi's and seeing what can be transformed into a fresh pair of jorts. 

This is our life. This is our time to live. 


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