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Be Present in all Things.

Erik Engstrom

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
Maya Angelou

Things are consistently busy for me. Working a full-time job at Nickelodeon. Writing, photographing, and editing for two different blogs. Spending my mornings before work getting my butt kicked at SoulCycle. Attempting to grow a serious man bun. This is all very serious business. I've unfortunately found that it is rather easy for me to get wrapped up in all that I have to do and not take the time to simply enjoy life. I have to get this done. But I can't say no to that. Why would I think that I don't have time to do both?

Lately I have been trying to take a few minutes a day to sit back and just relax. To take a few moments to enjoy where I am, what I am doing, and what I have been so blessed with. It is not always easy, but I've found it to be incredibly beneficial and therapeutic. It's become an absolute must on a daily basis. Even on vacations! During my recent trip to Door County I found that I was just as stressed as I would have been at home. 

Tomorrow is the beer festival. I have to make sure to get my appetizer made. Do we have enough beer? What is the weather going to be like? I can't believe I forgot that jacket at home! 

When Erik and I had a chance to go to Base Camp for a quick cup of coffee, we sprang at the opportunity to enjoy coffee and the waterfront. What makes life easier is not being overly concerned with what to wear. It means slipping on a pair of Weekend Warriors (these pants are like heaven for your thighs) and a casual plain white tee. Simple and fashionable. I have also fallen in love with Gents headwear. Me gusta mucho. If you haven't heard of Gents before, you need to check 'em out. Scout Sixteen's Justin Livingston teamed up with Gents to deliver a stellar southern cap. Gents, want to collaborate on a Midwest hat? It could say something like: "Windy City", "Grabowski", or keep it simple "Jazz." Sleep on it. 


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