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Beer Festivals.

Erik Engstrom

"He is a wise man who invented beer."

The main reason Erik and I went to Door County this past weekend was for the infamous Door County Beer Festival. An entire festival devoted to beers and craft breweries. 200+ beers. Live music. Amazing food (including some of the best jambalaya I have ever had - I couldn't help myself, I got it three times throughout the day). 

When I was younger, legal age of course, I did not really like beer. I thought it was kind of foul in fact. Perhaps that is because all we drank in college was Keystone. But as I've matured, so have my taste buds. IPAs are my favorite kind of beer. Hoppy is good. Hoppy makes me happy. But really, I'm willing to try anything. Just keep me away from those light domestic beers. Seriously does anyone like that stuff?

When exposed to so many beers, it's hard to not find your favorites. With every good comes a little bad. There were definitely a few that we regret sampling. That's the danger of craft beers, some are fantastic, others taste the road tar.

Here is a list of the top three beers that Erik and I tried this past weekend. Take a look and try some on your own (21+ only, duh).


The Beer List

3. Sprecher Hard Apple Pie 

2. Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown

1. Sheeps First Kiss