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Guide To Rock Climbing In Style.

Erik Engstrom

Adventure and adrenaline is life. 

As I am sure you are already aware, I love the outdoors. I love being active and keeping busy. Going to school in Winona, MN has been incredible - there is so much to do in my own backyard. Canoeing or jet skiing down the Mississippi River, hiking the bluffs, or simply spending a day in the sun. 

There has been a new activity that has been recently taking over my life. ROCK CLIMBING. Winona State University just installed a rock climbing gym, which happens to be free for college students. As a result, I have been there every single day. I'm literally in heaven. 

While I've found my new favorite way to sweat, I have been running into questions. If you're following us on Twitter you may have seen my recent, clearly important, question:

"How do I make rock climbing fashionable?"
and have quality

That is the question. While I rely on Lululemon for my running outfits, climbing fashion is not quite the same. How do I shop for fashion, function and quality for climbing?

I've been doing my research, browsed stores, and have put together an outfit that I would wear climbing. In fact, I may have already added everything to my shopping cart, which is all currently being sent to me. #shopaholic 

So take a look at my picks. This is my list. You may not care how you look climbing, but I do.


Climbing Guide


and I like hats when I climb so...