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The Destination Tee.

Erik Engstrom

"h'okay so here's the earth. it's chilling. dang that's a sweet earth you might say" 

If you know what this quote is from, you will have won my respect a million times over. Anyone get it right?

To be completely truthful though, how lucky are we to be living on this Earth? So many places to visit, sites to see, people to encounter. It is incredible!

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved exploring and finding new places. I may have snuck into an abandoned building or two when I was young...sorry, Mom. Oh wait, you caught me doing that once. OOPS! You live and you learn, I may have been stupid, but I saw some pretty cool things.

Now as an adult I want to see it all. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few countries around the world: Sweden, Germany, Mexico. Let's not forget how amazing it is to simply explore the different states within the U.S. of America!

Let's be realistic for a moment, though...

Adult finances suck.
And paying a college tuition sucks.
And rent sucks.
And groceries suck.

It seems like everything is keeping me from traveling. How am I supposed to see all the world has to offer? While it may not be the same, fashion companies are beginning to supply a new found love of mine.

Enter the destination tee. *hallelujah hands* 

Graphic tee's are making a great comeback. I'm all for plain colored tees, but there is something different about these not-so-touristy shirts. They aren't your average graphic tee. When you're looking for a graphic tee, don't be stupid and run to the nearest Walmart. Keep your eyes out for tee's that spotlight different cities around the world. 


These are not your average hyper-touristy "I <3 NYC" T-shirts. They represent the cities in a new and exciting way. Designers are trying to catch the true essence and aesthetics of these cities. Find a destination tee or two to add to your summer wardrobe. Just don't wear the labeled destination on the tee in the actual city. Then you would officially be considered a tourist. 


Shop the Look:

Ray Ban Clubmaster | not actual shorts (Forever 21 printed) | Vans C&L era 59 | Timex Weekender