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chicago, il
united states


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Føund Music.

Tommy Engstrom

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I told myself that I wouldn't let it happen. I wouldn't become addicted. Obsessed. Pulled in. I tried to tell myself that I would only go once. Only give into it's lure once. I failed...

SoulCycle has become my new favorite way to sweat. Running? Overrated. Swimming? Too boring. Weight lifting? A decent off-day workout.

But SoulCycling? It is everything

The one problem? The price. I am sorry, but I cannot afford to spend $30 on a single class. Although that doesn't stop me from going...I try to limit myself to once a week. But for real, Tommy is going to have to have a serious sit-down talk with himself about budgeting and spending. Let's be responsible and frugal now! 

A huge aspect of SoulCycle is the music. Each instructor has their own style, their own preferences when it comes to genre of music. If I were an instructor (which I absolutely 150% want to be, SoulCycle...train me!), I would probably tend to have a lot of remixes and electronic songs. They get the blood pumping and amps up my motivation! If I were to teach a class at the Old Town Studio in Chicago, here are some songs that may end up on my playlist...


p.s. If you're in Chicago, go to Jaclyn's class. She kicks ass.

song | artist | album

Fire N Gold | Bea Miller | Young Blood

We Found Love | Calvin Harris & Rihanna | 18 Months

Don't Wait - Kingdom Remix | Mapei | Don't Wait EP

Happiness - Dave Audé Mix | Alexis Jordan | Happiness

Madness | Muse | The 2nd Law

Not Giving In | Rudimental feat. Alex Clare and John Newman | Not Giving In

Dare You - Cash Cash Remix | Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma | Dare You

Speed Demon (Remix by Nero) | Michael Jackson | Bad 25th Anniversary

Classic | The Knocks feat. Powers | Classic

Summertime | Milkman feat. Brandon Skeie | Reboot