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chicago, il
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Føund Music.

Erik Engstrom

It's been awhile since we've had one of these, huh?

No, I haven't cut music out of my life. That would be nearly impossible for me. Music is constantly on around me. I even sleep with music playing. My future wife is going to hate me. Nothing but Lil' Wayne 'til 4 in the morning. Ha, I kid.

I am constantly looking for and discovering new music. I have been addicted to finding new artists since middle school. Exploring YouTube for that next big artist, browsing the Internet hoping to find the next Justin Bieber. Even still, when I should be catching zzz's I choose to be exploring the Interwebs in hopes of finding something that I won't be able to stop listening to.

This Føund Music I'm psyched to include the Mumford & Son's new album. It's a completely different sound than their old school folk. But come on, everyone knew that folk music on mainstream radio would only last so long. As artists, they have the right to artistic freedom to explore electric guitar, synths, and little bit of rock'n'roll. It was time for them to try something other than folk. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the entire album take a listen! 


song | artist | album

Mirrors | PVRIS | White Noise

Only Love | Mumford & Sons | Wilder Mind

You Know You Like It | DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge | You Know You Like It - Single

Renegades | X Ambassadors | VHS 

Stressed Out | twentyonpilots | Blurryface

Still | The Japanese House | Pools To Bathe In - EP

How I Want Ya (feat. Dev) | Thames | How I Want Ya - EP

Slow Motion | Trey Songz | Slow Motion - EP

In Love By Now | Jamie Foxx | Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses

California Nights |  Best Coast | California Nights