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The One With The Floral Shirt.

Erik Engstrom

It's summer and it feels oh so good.

This summer is already shaping up to be a busy one. Work. Reading. Exploring. And Shopping. Lot's of shopping. I can already tell that I will be running around, never not busy, but it will absolutely be a fun summer! No matter what you have planned for the summer months, here are a few tips to make your summer great:

1. Get off your butt.
2. Go somewhere new. Eat something you haven't tried before, go to a new city, buy that last minute plane ticket, take a road trip.
3. Go to a bookstore or library and put together a summer reading list.
4. Play with puppies. This is the most important. Puppies solve all the world's problems.

Those may just be tips that I've given myself to make sure that I have the best summer ever, but no matter what, make sure you enjoy everything you do. Even if that something is laying in a hammock in your underwear, drinking a beer and reading a novel.

Shopping is high on my to do list. Not that I need a new wardrobe, but my favorite brands are coming out with so many awesome things! I'm in awe of Bonobo's new line. So. freaking. good. [insert hallelujah hands]

What's really getting my fashion mojo flowing? Short sleeve floral shirts. I LOVE this trend. No it's not your dad's old tourist floral. This is modern and hip. I don't see this disappearing anytime soon. Designers are taking this 90s' vomit of a shirt and transforming it into something fresh and new. Like an ugly (hungry) caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. (I sincerely hope you got that Eric Carle reference, he was only my favorite author growing up.) 


Here are the shirts I'm looking to add to my wardrobe: