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chicago, il
united states


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Shut Up and Smile.

Erik Engstrom

In typical Chicago fashion, the weather has been fluctuating between beautiful and semi-warm and wet cold and stupid. I don't ever know what to wear. I have the tendency to dress according to what I want the weather to be, not according to what it actually is. 

As the weather slowly gets nicer, I am slowing transitioning out my winter clothing. Gone are the days when I wear a beanie with gloves. Instead I will throw on a short sleeve shirt with a jacket. When the weather man says it is going to be 35 degrees outside, he really means that it is going to be 65 degrees with party cloudy skies, right?

My brother once told me that short sleeve button-downs were cool. I didn't believe him. I thought they made you look like a baboon. No really, I refused to even try them on when I went shopping. Really, I think I was just self conscious of my not-quite-bulky biceps. Don't worry, they are pretty good now! I made a New Year's Resolution this year to get into shape and go to the gym on a regular basis. Yes, I guess that makes me just another basic bish. Go on and hate. 

I have since seen the light. While I only own two or three short sleeve button downs, I absolutely love them. I want to buy more. Not like I need them. But I am currently toggling between tabs, shopping for a few new short sleeve button downs. Sorry bank account!


PS. Have you heard the new Jason Derulo song? It's awful. 

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