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chicago, il
united states


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Go Deep.

Tommy Engstrom

Summer of the Deep V....

Summer is starting to peek her gorgeous face at me and all I want to do is spend the day in the sun with a cocktail or beer in hand, surrounded by my best friends. 

"Dear Chicago, I am sorry about the things I said about you when I was cold..."

That has been the quote among the basics in Chicago this past week. The sun started shining. Temperatures increased. Skirts got shorter and sunglasses came out. It's the story of every Chicagoans ascent to summer. We are all depressed and gloomy during the winter months, cursing Mother Nature's name. And when we are met by the first signs of summer we take all those words back. Because we love Chicago. Even more, we love Chicago in the summer. Don't we all put up with the winter months because summer in the city is so incredible? 

My friend Megan bought this shirt a few years ago and convinced me to follow suit after trying it on. Yes, I tried on her v-neck shirt. It's unisex. Deal. It very well may be the most comfortable t-shirt that I own. The fabric blend creates the softest fabric that $24.00 can buy you. It is so comfortable in fact that I will come home take off my shirt and put this one on in its place. 

Do yourself a solid and buy the American Apparel shirt. You may feel like a pretentious hipster for a few minutes, but that feeling will subdue eventually. 


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