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Orange is the new black.

Erik Engstrom

"I just wanna say, I could be a famous rapper, you know what I'm sayin'?"

Sweet Mary and Joseph, Orange is The New Black is almost back! Let's talk for a second about TV binge watching at its finest. I try with all my might to hold back and resist spending hours watching TV shows, really, I do. But sometimes we can only do so much and sometimes OITNB gets the best of us. I cannot wait to see what Season 3 has in store...are you as excited as I am?

This weekend I took some time exploring Winona, MN looking for hidden gems. Every once and awhile it's good to walk around your own city. It's doubtful you've seen all its hidden beauties. Trust me, every city has it's secrets.

As I venture across the city of Winona I come across this bright orange wall. I've been digging Yummertime's use of brightly colored walls as backdrops for their photos and really wanted to pay a quick nod to them...well done Brock + Chris, well done! I loved the contrast between the wall and the colors of my clothing. The vibrant orange popped against the subtle neutral greyscale of my clothes. It is always fun to see the interaction between fashion and it's surroundings. Whether in a city, nature, indoors, or outdoors, clothing and their surroundings can go hand-in-hand and make a great piece of art. 

With spring finally showing her beautiful face, I finally pulled out a pair of shorts from the abyss of my drawers. 60 degree whether calls for a little short action and even better, a little rolled hem on the shorts. But with the unpredictability of spring weather, one has to be prepared for anything. Toss on a long-sleeve henley with the shorts and you'll be good to go. Casual, comfy dress is crucial for any spring day. 


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