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Herschel - Travel Often.

Erik Engstrom

I'm addicted to backpacks. 

If there is one thing to know about me it is my love for backpacks, totes, any kind of bag really. I love slick and traditional designs that are ultimately versatile and functional. Space is always crucial. What is the point of having a bag that doesn't have enough room to carry everything you need? Whether biking through the city (when I usually thow on my Chrome backpack), or on an adventure through the wilderness (with my North Face or Patagonia bag), I need a bag. End of story.  

Now, I've known about Herschel for a long time, perhaps even before they were mainstream and the "cool thing" to have.  I have always loved their attention to detail. Whether that be continuing the classic look of buckles, or the rainbow of patterns or colors you are able to get in any bag, or even the keen eye towards an expression of creativity and imagination, Herschel has always been on the top of their game.

One day while shopping at an Urban Outfitters in Chicago, a stumble upon a collection of Herschel bags in their sale section. It wasn't just a few, but in fact a ton! Once priced at $100 now down to 40, I did what any casual fashionisto would do. Purchase. 

Herschel's design capability is everything, specially with this Little America Backpack - a design to resemble that of classic mountaineering, combined with modern functionality. My love for the brand has only grown. I can take this bag on small hikes through the bluffs or on a quick day trip to the city. And with the buffalo-print design, I know I look good no matter where I'm at. 

My advice: if you've  ever looked at a Herschel bag, and teetered between buying or saving money...stop thinking and just do it.
Buy Herschel.


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Little America - Buffalo Plaid