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Book Club: Life is...

Erik Engstrom

The Swedes are looking to expand our content a little bit more. Fashion is great and everything, but we're about a lot more than just clothes. Adding to our lifestyle posts, we will now be sharing our latest reads. Books that we can't put down. Books that we can't put down fast enough. And books that are somewhere in between. After sharing the book we'll read for the month we will then share our opinions on the books from the last month. 

erik + tommy.

Erik is kicking off the Book Club for the month of May.

I'm in healing.

I was a kid I was obsessed with television! You literally couldn't rip me away from the TV. My eyes were glued to Crash Bandicoot, MTV, or any movie or TV show out there. While slowly maturing... I mean very slowly... I started breaking free from the 8+ hours a day that I spent in front of television shows and slowly began pouring my time into books. It's been a painful process, but hey, I'm getting some books finished! College has taught me a lot. Be proud mom and dad.

Nonetheless, I'm here to talk about the book I'm going to read.

This month I will be reading the book "Life Is ____" by Judah Smith. A book Justin Bieber endorses. Watch out all you Beliebers - this one's for you! Let's do it. 

What does my choice tell about me? Basically, I like life. Whatever that entails. For now, I like putting random words into that space.

Life is puppies.
Life is Chipotle.
Life is covered in frosting.
Life is Reese's.

Okay, as you can tell food is really on my mind. I want food. Like Now.  I'll put this book down real quick and get myself a burrito. Be back soon book.