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chicago, il
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Rebellious Layers.

Erik Engstrom

Surprises. Are. Everything. I love them! More than anything though, I like surprising other people. Whether it is with a surprise party, a gift that a friend has wanted for a long time, grades on an exam or paper, or even a fashion statement that catches people off guard - surprises help keep our lives spontaneous and exciting!

Pushing boundaries is always a good idea (not going too far, but testing limits). Fashion allows a clash of styles and a mix of stereotypes. Why be boring and wear the same outfit and same style day in and day out? Sometimes it is these small juxtapositions that make the biggest statement. 

With this outfit I went with the hard rebellious feel of a greaser and the overtly East Coast style of a prep. The combination of round-frame glasses and sweater vest is classic Ivy League prep, but when paired with slim-fit cargo pants and a dark leather jacket, there becomes a clash of territories. Think Danny Zuko attending Harvard Law. A difficult picture to imagine, but that's the look I am going for. 

What do you think? How do you bring to differing styles together into one look?


Shop the Look:

Zara Leather Jacket | J.Crew Oxford Shirt | Tommy Sweater Vest | Old Navy Slim Fit Cargo Pants | Sperry's Boat Shoe | Warby Parker Watts