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why denim?

Erik Engstrom

If you read this blog regularly, or follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed, jean jackets and jeans are my favorite combo. I own three different jean jackets, a jean vest (j'vest as I like to call them), and multiple pairs jeans; I am always in the market for more.

But why denim?

There is something about a jean jacket that is so unique. That ability to wear it when working, then being able to go on a hike, and finish a night on the town in the same jacket is something that I love. Their versatility. Isn't that what denim is all about? Being able to be tossed around, get dirty, and keep that classic look.

I personally live for the classic Levi's. Their motto, "Live in Levi's", means just that. Do anything in their denim. Show off how you wear your denim. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, stitching, and style. But more than anything, don't be afraid to just be you!


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