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Erik Engstrom

Senior year is quickly coming to a close - it's hard to believe how quickly this year has passed. Much of my time has been consumed with hours in the library, school groups, and devoting time to this blog. 

Although, I can't say it has been too bad. More than anything, going to school in Winona has been an adjustment. Minnesota is very different than what I'm accustomed to.

After being raised in Chicago, I am used to well-styled people. Coming to Winona, Minnesota I have experienced first hand the meaning of "camouflage." Men are decked out head to toe with the print, and not necessarily for fashion forward reasons.

So I thought, "I can combine my city style with a little Minnesota?"

I found this camouflage tie at Banana Republic and fell in love. The only dilemma, how do you make such a bold statement piece work with other clothes? What I have discovered is to use solid or patterned shirts that compliment the bold camo. Make sure the rest of your outfit (cardigan, jacket, trousers, etc.) is neutral so your look is well balanced.

Don't let your outfit be hunted by the fashion police. 


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vintage oxford buffalo shirt | heritage cardigan | camouflage tie | gold tie bar |                           511 slim fit hybrid trousers