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Dream Big.


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Dream Big.

Erik Engstrom

"It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that."
J.L. Rowling

2015 ends today. 

One year has quickly come to a close. The year has been full of celebration, of challenges, of adventure, a promotion, and of dreaming. Needless to say, we've had many adventures this past year. Tommy and I are so thankful for the people we have met and stories we have heard over the past 365 days. Whether becoming friends with an ex-prosecutor who started Rivay, or visiting Door County, WI or Richmond, VA, 2015 has been good. 

And looking on to 2016 - the best is yet to come. 

Some of the greatest stories throughout history have been told by people who make dreams reality. That's the best thing about the present - we have the opportunity to take charge of our dreams and bring them to life. As we continue to dream, and dream big, we cannot wait to fight to make these dreams come true. Whether that dream is to go on a trip to another country, meeting new people, or being collaborating with other bloggers and brands, 2016 has all the potential to be just as good as this year. More than anything, we cannot wait to share all of these dreams and experiences with you. Thank you for following us on this journey as we go through life, style, and dreaming as The American Swede. 

With that said, grab your glass of champagne and cheers to the new year!


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