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A Previous Engagement.


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A Previous Engagement.

Erik Engstrom

"I found him whom my soul loves."
Song of Solomon 3:4

Weekend getaways are the best. Weekend getaways to Richmond, Virginia are even better. Before I settle in Chicago for the Christmas season I had to surprise my best friend at his proposal party in RVA. 

Nick has been my best friend all throughout college. We have lived together, fought over who needs to clean the dishes, hung out on rooftops, rock climbed, and just done life together. And when his soon-to-be mother-in-law offered to fly me in for the proposal I was like, "Heck yes!" So with things finalized, I packed a suitcase, jumped on a plane, and woke up the next morning in the beautiful city of Richmond. 

Nick is an incredible guy. He is full adventure, has outrageous personality and a heart of gold. It's no wonder he caught the eye of a brilliantly smart and beautiful woman. Nick you are blessed to have Katie in your life. I am ecstatic to watch you both (or mainly Katie) plan your wedding and finally get hitched.

Besides being able to be there for Nick and Katie on their special day, I was able to see a little bit of Richmond. There is so much history, so much beauty and stories to be told there. And my short weekend only gave me a glimpse of what this town has to offer. Eating a slice of 'za at Bottoms Up. Wandering through elegant train stations. And stumbling across the many murals throughout the city. Can I come back and spend a week here to blog, take pictures, and blog some more?

I guess Tommy and I will have to plan a future trip out here to get a full Richmond experience.