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Gift Guide for the Outdoorsmen.


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Gift Guide for the Outdoorsmen.

Erik Engstrom

"Grab your axe. Let's go chop down a tree and get some lumber for the fireplace."

I would say this if I had my Best Made axe already... sadly I don't. But does that not sound like the best Christmas ever? A fireplace roaring, people cuddling in blankets, warm drinks all around. It's the perfect cabin life. 

It is always funny comparing Tommy and my fashion/interests. He is such the city dweller and I'm the outdoorsman. We both have our accents complimenting the other person, but pretty much stay true to our core. City & Wild.

I've had this dream to go to Iceland for a year now. With a friend taking a recent trip, the temptation to buy a plane ticket is that much stronger. I am an outdoorsman. This world is mine to explore. 

Getting the urge to live a nomadic life has only solidified this wish list. Enjoy and my for yourself or for the outdoorsman in your life.


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