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Be Confident.


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Be Confident.

Erik Engstrom

"Just do it."

Power is in everyone. It's what get's your heart tingling. It's what moves you forward after difficult situations. It's something we can't shy away from. Confidence is needed - not arrogance, not thinking we're better than anyone else - simply confidence. Confidence in who we were created to be.  

In high school I dealt with a lot of insecurity. I kept trying to discover who I was and what I was meant to do. I had friends from every stereotypical high school group. And I bounced around between all of the different groups because I was not confident in myself. Insecurity dictated everything I did. 

As I've gotten older and gone through life experiences, I've realized that we need to experiment. We need to discover both who we are, but also who we aren't. And let that empower us. 

As I discover my confidence (and let me tell you insecurity is in me and I learn a little bit more every day about how to control it) I find myself. I find that I am created to love. I am created to love everyone, not simply my close friends and family, but everyone. I am created to speak and lead. I am created to be me. I'm not created to be someone else. 

To find yourself - try, reflect, ponder. Think what passions you have, think what your personality says, find what your heart pushes you to do. Be confident in you.


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