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chicago, il
united states



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Erik Engstrom

oh darling, lets be adventurers.

Nomads. Explorers. Adventurers. Pilgrims. Travelers. Pioneers. Wanderers.

Ain't it hard to believe snow is falling (in parts of the U.S.)? Seems like yesterday the trees were full of life. Birds were chirping. And now we are standing in a forest preserve where all of the vegetation seems to be dead. 

Chicago got hit with snowfall well before Minnesota did. Shocker! But while we were together in the suburbs of Chicago, the frosted streets, and snow covered paths melted away. What is this? Global warming?? Must be if the snow was gone. Nonetheless, we still froze our tushies outside. Nothing a little warm coffee and cup of chai tea can't fix. 

We both are huge explorers, wanderers more like it. We wander the city streets, the mountains, the world even, trying to find small and large treasures. Aesthetic of a mountain range, to the purified white coffee shops, to the hole-in-the-wall diners. Wandering is our favorite pastime. We may get lost from time to time, but that's nothing a little GPS can't help!

Over Thanksgiving some family members from Seattle came to Chicagoland to celebrate with us. It didn't take long for our cousins to convince us to plan a trip out to Seattle. Eating crab, walking through Pike's Place Market, rock climbing. Seattle's got a little something for both of us. Fingers crossed we'll be able to to wander out West this year.

erik + tommy.

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