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chicago, il
united states

So Much To Do.


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So Much To Do.

Erik Engstrom

One of my favorite brands on the market is Levi's, especially their Commuter series. Wherever I go, I am more than likely sporting some article of clothing from Levi's. For dates or special occasions I will dress up my black Commuter trousers with a button-down and tie. And when I'm running errands or heading off to class I will toss on my khaki, denim, or grey slacks. They are all I live in.

One of my favorite features of the collections is that it is water-resistant. If it is a rainy spring day or a nasty cold winter day, I don't have to worry about my pants getting a little wet - that is what they were built for! I can count on this clothing no matter what the weather. 

There is nothing quite like being home in Chicago. There is so much to do and see; there is never a dull moment. Even if the weather calls for a relaxing day in your warm apartment, you'll surely hear sirens, chatter of people, or the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Every time I come back to Chicago I become more and more appreciative of all that this city has to offer. Growing up in the area, I grew bored of the city. It was nothing special. I very much had the 'been there, done that' attitude. Not anymore. I would give anything to walk to Heritage Bicycle Shop and sit down to get lost in my thoughts. But instead, I'm in that coffee shop writing, reading, working, editing, looking at new cameras, looking at plane tickets to Iceland. And quite frankly, that's alright. I could easily pass my days with a little help from Netflix. But I am realizing that while there is so much to do, I'd rather be busy than waste away my days.


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