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chicago, il
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Erik Engstrom

Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue.

Since the very beginning on The American Swede, I have been making notes of dreams shoots - one in an abandoned building, one underwater, one in the middle of the woods, one at night. While people are thinking about what they are going to eat for dinner that night, I am thinking about whether or not a location would look good in photographs. It's a blessing and a curse. 

night noun \ˈnīt\ : the time of darkness between one day and the next; the part of the day when no light from the sun can be seen and most people and animals sleep.

Night is something that many people miss out on. We run ourselves into the ground during the day, going to work, running errands, working out, filling our hours and minutes with hobbies. By the time the sun has ducked beneath the horizon, we are all getting ready to place our heads on the pillow and fall into a deep slumber. 

This time of the day has a dark mysterious quality to it. The darkness inhibits our ability to take in our surroundings. The normal sounds go quiet while nocturnal creatures come out to crawl. I love night. I love the quietness. I love being surrounded by the sense of the unknown. It may scare the crap out of me at times, but I love it.


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