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Happy... Today!


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Happy... Today!

Erik Engstrom

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's almost here people! The day of many thanks, the day of turkey, football, and apple pie. Yum. Dude, I'm so excited!

I cannot wait to just relax and chill this Thanksgiving. Hang with good company. Turn on a fire to enjoy. And find myself in a big old food coma after I devour the mounds of food. What Thanksgiving rituals do you all have?

I love Thanksgiving because it's all about thanks. Giving thanks for what we have, the people around us, the grace given, the life we live. It's about giving thanks always. But why do we have one holiday to wish a happy Thanksgiving. Why don't we celebrate "Happy Today!" Everyday giving thanks for all those things and not taking advantage of them. I'm so grateful for my family and friends. I want to learn to be grateful for so much of my life. So today, I'm going to embark on this journey of consistent thanks! 

To name a few things I'm thankful for:
the future


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