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Black & Blue.


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Black & Blue.

Tommy Engstrom

Y'all thought wedding season was over, didn't you? Not for me! I love weddings!

This past weekend I spent with family in Starved Rock State Park. Thank goodness for some family members who decided that they wanted to get married in November! There should be no off-season when it comes to getting married. Getting married in the summer with beautiful weather, clear blue skies, birds chirping in the maple trees? Over-rated. 

While it was cool outside, Mother Nature was a babe and blessed us with some incredible weather for a Midwest November. An outdoor wedding on November 15th? Yea, that is pretty bold. But all worked out - twinkle lights lighting a canopy of trees. A violin filling the air with music. Friends and family all around. Love of two newlyweds. Yea, it doesn't get much better than that!

A lot of my family lives on the West Coast where wedding attire tends to be on the more casual side. Tuxedo? No. Suit and tie? Not necessary. Sweater and a blazer? Yup, that sounds about right. So when I show up to my parents house with a full suit accompanied by a bowtie, I quickly realized that it was time for a little shopping spree. I love the combination of putting black and blue together (why yes, all I think about when I see Black and Blue is the Backstreet Boys). In the past I've been told time and time again to NOT commit such a fashion crime. Guess what, y'all - I'm going rogue! 


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