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The Must Have List.

Erik Engstrom


Green has become my obsession recently. Wearing the color green. Lighting the house with green candles. Drinking green tea. It's a dang good color! Match the color with a few other earth tones and we have a perfect must have list.

The Internet has made online shopping (online browsing) that much easier. No longer do I have to throw on a jacket, walk outside, get in my car, and drive 20 minutes to the store. Even though I love the experience of wandering around stores like Ikea, online shopping makes life that much easier. 

Here are some products that I can't help but take second look at, desperately wanting to throw in in that shopping cart:

The Belt
Anderson's Stretch & Suede Belt | It's just green. And beautiful. And stretchy. 

The Boots
Sperry Avenue Duck | I've been eyeing a pair of boots like these for awhile. Like the classic L.L. Bean style. But I can't avoid my true love: Sperry. 

The Bag
Fjallraven Kanken Bag | My friend owns this bag... I'm a little jealous. Me want. 

The Hat
Obey Flurry 5 Panel | One word : FLANNEL.

The Blanket
Faribault Woolen Mills Foot Soldier Blanket | This is one kick butt blanket. Keep me warm in the winter. I have an obsession with blankets. I need all the blankets in the world. 

The Bottle
S'well Wood Grain Bottle | Simply, I want this above all else. It's wood. It's for water. It's for Erik.