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Tommy Engstrom

“I like to spend time with people who make me forget my phone.”

The American Swede is about to venture into uncharted territory with this post. The future is upon us people! Sure, Erik and I have had quite a few posts that feature us both. After all, we'll always be brothers... But one thing that we have yet to do is write articles that include the opposite gender. There have been NO posts on The American Swede with a girl in it...

Today that all changes...I would like to introduce you to my friend Becca.

Wait. Are we seriously introducing women's fashion to The American Swede? Yes, yes we are. From now on, every Wednesday will be devoted to an elaborate version of Project Runway. Okay, no, not really. But for as much as I love mens style and fashion, I equally love women's style. I hate to admit it, but it almost seems like girls have more fun within the realm of style.

As I was walking around Lincoln Park this past weekend, enjoying the effects of perhaps one too many Bloody Mary's, I began to think. Why don't we show how incredibly men's and women's fashion can compliment each other!? Thank the Dear Lord in Heaven above that I had my friend Becca by my side. Within minutes we had found the perfect location and had begun a full-fledged photoshoot. Laughing and all. I am not sure I will ever get used to the confused judgmental looks from strangers passing by. Y'all jealous! That's what I have to say to you!

What do you think? Should we do more posts that feature a little bit of women's fashion in addition to men's style? Leave us a note in the comment section - we would love to hear from you!


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