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chicago, il
united states

Blue Like Jazz.


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Blue Like Jazz.

Erik Engstrom

"The most difficult lie I ever contended with is this: life is a story about me."
Donald Miller - Blue Like Jazz

There is beauty in the simple. 

When exploring towns and traveling across the U.S. it is easy to be in awe of the rich character of every city and site. There is nothing quite like experiencing the life and history in small town, or big city, America. From 13 colonies to 50 States (and counting... hello Puerto Rico). 

My family should have been nomads. We love traveling. Tommy and I have been all around the U.S. Every region, we have explored. Our Instagrams and Facebooks are full of pictures from across the country. From our youth to our 20s, the U.S. has been our backyard jungle gym. While we love it all, we definitely have our favorites: NYC, Seattle, Door County, Chicago of course. But there are still so many places we need to go. Alaska, San Francisco, New Orleans, maybe a trip to Hawaii. We need to see it all.

In our fast-paced lives we easily lose sight of the beauty around us. Beauty is simple. It's everywhere. It's in the small diner in a town of 50. It's in the glowing lights in the city of 5 million. It's in each person living in their place and time. I've come to learn this life is less about me and more about 'us.' I love life because I get to meet new, exciting people from across the country, each with different stories to be told. But when we hear these stories, they all come together to tell the story of America. That's real beauty.

Whether I'm traveling around Minnesota or across the country, I need my trucker jacket. I live in Levi's. I can't quite quit this brand. I'm a true American. Born and raised. 


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