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chicago, il
united states


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City Life.

Erik Engstrom

"I'm in the middle of nowhere. 50 miles to nothing behind me. 50 miles
to something in front of me."

John Mayer

I love being back in Chicago. To be back in crowded streets. Lights filling up a beautiful skyline. And food that I could eat over and over again. There is just so much to do in Chicago.

I don't really mind waking up early, especially if I know I'm going to try out a new restaurant or explore new places. Thank you Chicago for being home to so many different people, places, and heritages. Heritage? Yeah, I could take a pit stop at my favorite coffee spot right now. 

There is something about walking the streets of a city in the morning. People slowly start to awaken from their slumbers, the air sparkling, the light breaking free behind buildings. Talk about picture perfect! I could get used to walking the streets and stumbling upon alleyways that are magically glowing. (Better than seeing gang violence. Sorry Chicago, you are kind of dangerous. I still love you though.)

Chicago fashion (city fashion) is an interesting demonstration of identity. Sometimes it feels like every frat boy and his mother have moved to a city wearing Patagonia. "Bros, do you even do anything remotely outdoorsy?" What I appreciate about the mashup of stereotypes and people is that every single person is unique. Minus all those bro-tastic frat-stars. I love expressing different parts of my life in my fashion. Outdoorsy explorer in North Face and Patagonia (yes frat boys, I rock climb, I hike, I kayak, I backpack). Minnesotan hipster with all my flannels, cardigans, and beanies. Or a hardcore city hipster rocking that greyscale outfit of white, grey, and black. Cities are the perfect place to find these outfits and many others. 


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